Rebecca Lamure – Desperate Nasty Cheating Accomplice

Rebecca Lamure

Rebecca Lamure – Desperate Nasty Cheating Accomplice. Rebecca Lamure, popular “film maker” of nothing you’ll ever see. Desperate for any scraps she got from my friends deadbeat jobless boyfriend. Gossiped about his girlfriend behind her her back like the piece of human trash she is. Knew he was lying to his partner the whole time and kept seeing him. Hope it worked out for ya Buddy, I don’t think so. What garbage woman settles for a man who cheats and lies to his woman, you were okay with it? Nothing but a worthless whore. Be like, good luck with the going nowhere film career, cheating cum dumpster. Wish I could beat this piece of shit with the ugly stick myself but it looks like 20 people beat me to it. PS Cunt he has anal warts.

Mike: Horror? Looks like she doesn’t spend much money on make up in her films

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