Richard Baker — Biggest Piece Of Sh1t EVER

Richard Baker

Richard Baker — Biggest Piece Of Sh1t EVER. That is inch heat Richard. He’ll betray the belief of his buddies by making up sh1t or telling their private enterprise to ladies which can be desirous about his buddies or that his buddies are desirous about (as a result of he thinks he has an opportunity with these women). He’ll go behind your again and act like your good friend to your face when in actuality he’ll discuss sh1t about you and break your friendships (watch out being buddies with this inch heat). Inch heat makes textual content app numbers in order that he can threaten and harass females pondering that if he pushes the man they like out of their life he’ll get a shot (he pretends to be one other feminine and messages different females saying he has your nudes from somebody)!!! He’ll even go so far as discovering one other females photos to make use of whereas he’s pretending to be them to harass and threaten different females. In case your a reasonably lady run as a result of this loser will turn out to be very obsessive and attempt to break you relationship or friendship with that man you want or the man that likes you! When he realizes that his techniques aren’t working he’ll then begin insulting the feminine he’s obsessive about as a result of she isn’t falling for his lies and shady actions!!!! This guys is a snake and a backstabber!!!! WATCH YOURSELF AND YOUR GIRLS AROUND HIM!!!!!!!!

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