Robert Bobby — Bobby THE B1tch

Robert Bobby

Robert Bobby — Bobby THE B1tch. Hey nik! Anybody heard of this huge scary robust man? You understand, the one who robs folks for telephones and a hoot on whisper? Fucks all of the nasty underaged nychees on 118 ave?? Effectively should you don’t, take into account your self blessed! This piece of sh1t creeper goes round performing like he’s the toughest toughtest meth seller in Edmonton however when push involves shove he’s actually all speak and by no means handles his personal beef. He curls up within the nook of a room, pisses himself, and can cry to get folks to go away him alone. The one time he acts robust is behind a toy and can use it over petty little child sh1t just like the b1tch he’s. I imply critically, the one factor your good at in life is robbing folks? And your PROUD of that?? I assume it is smart, contemplating he’s acquired down syndrome judging by the dearth of vocabulary he has and he simply sounds down proper handicapped. So be careful everybody! There’s a legit retard with a gun operating round fuking little ladies!!! Yikes Nik, thanks for the warning bro.

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