Samantha Hilliard Fat Nasty Sl*Ore

Samantha Hilliard

Samantha Hilliard Fat Nasty Sl*Ore. Nik! Let me spill the tea on Sam. This nasty ugly factor thinks she’s all that when in actuality she is much less then nothing. & I hate to be so destructive belief me however this grease bag must be put in her place. Samantha have you ever regarded within the mirror? Why do you go round flexing like some bouje bi*ch when you understand your fuking slime. Nails be too lengthy and crusty lady! You’re actually so ugly and it doesn’t matter the quantity of make up you place in your nasty face bruh you continue to seem like a omish boy. No quantity of lip injections or faux eyelashes is gunna change that , give up whereas your forward mama 😉 I actually fu**ed your man for six months whereas your making FB standing about how he’s the love of your life LOL he additionally fastened my automotive when you had been at your lame a555 “job” you ain’t a enterprise girl lady like shut up already you do crusty nail work like stoppp please! Let’s not overlook about her little facet kick shayla omg this chick is nuts. Consistently making lengthy Fb statuses about non sense appearing like she’s all smart and shi*. Woman sit the f down your a dru* addict clown cease attempting to behave all fuking sensible like you understand sh1t. Individuals who actually know you understand what your realllyyyy like driving round with youngsters with no lisence . good luck being a faux as* faAttt a55 FU*C 😀 you ladies want a lesson on CLASS. However hey you’ll be able to’t repair ugly proper child? 😉

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