Sandee E. Johnston — Money Hungry Man Hating Cold Hearted Liar

Sandee E. Johnston

Sandee E. Johnston — Money Hungry, Man Hating, Cold Hearted Liar. Mother of two however you wouldnt suppose so. She spends zero time along with her children. She dumps them off on anybody who she will be able to manipulate or pay into it. Her mother and Dad wont even have them over anymore as a result of she used them a lot to exit and social gathering along with her loser boyfriends. I do know of 12 guys within the final 6 years shes dated, that doesnt rely those she screwed and dumped. She is brutal! when her children father went for visitational rights she tried labelling him as a didd ler. After he acquired his custody she was dropping them off 4 days every week! Thats tousled because you mentioned he’s a didd ler?? Solely cares about cash and herself and her m o l l y or E. shes so spaced out she talks like shes acquired down syndrome like wtf is unsuitable with you? you messed your children up from utilizing all through BOTH pregnancies?? she didnt be taught the primary time. Her children at the moment are falling behind like loopy! A 9 yr previous boy has a tough time with 10 + 15 and her daughter cant learn the phrase “the” and is 6. YOU ARE THE WORST PARENT!! Avoid her evil lies and selfishness.

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