Sean Cooley The Crazy Cat Guy And Little Boys

Sean Cooley

Sean Cooley The Crazy Cat Guy And Little Boys. With all due respect to Sean Cooley’s lifestyle and simply largely to be correct with what I’m writing and never offend anybody, Sean is nonbinary and makes use of the gender pronouns ze/hir/hir. Sean is an fascinating individual with loads of quirks and cats however can also be tremendous fukin creepy. Ze has labored writing content material for web sites like Weedmaps and Thrillist. Ze now works for some bullsh1t weed supply service in Los Angeles the place ze calls hirself a director. This goof is straight up a creeper. Ze is all the time carrying this jacket with all these patches with the weirdest sh1t on it that appears prefer it has by no means been washed. The unlucky half is that this degenerate solely hangs out with actually younger boys round 15 years outdated. One thing is incorrect belief me. I’d maintain my children away from hir. Sean Cooley buys these children beer, weed and hangs out with all of them weekend. I’m wondering if ze just isn’t solely smoking weed however smoking pole too. Not cool, too younger.

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