Serena Muniz

Serena Muniz SHES SO PERFECT……..OH WAIT, IS THAT PHOTOSHOP?.Perfection is what should be seen on Serena muniz’s social media As a result of we should always instill extra insecurities in younger girls proper? we don’t care what you need to be or do on ur social platform, but when ur content material is hurting younger girls’s psychological well being and stability to suppose ur Instagram is what ‘’happiness and confidence’’ appears like LOL we’ll blast u and ur edited life . serena makes it look like its unfiltered/un edited after we clearly see the photoshop LOL. and Just about self-sabotaging herself cuz all of us see her strolling round and her physique appears nothing like these photos. If you wish to see her, go to oldtown she’s ALWAYS there. Women comply with girls like Paige Hathaway, Caroline Candac or Sabina alexiia who Promote the identical as serena- however the largest distinction is that they really apply what they preach by posting REAL unedited ‘’imperfect’’ content material exhibiting their flaws and imperfections and their ‘’dangerous days’’ in contrast to serena who says the identical factor however beneath a supper photoshopped pic of herself, I imply she only in the near past for the primary time posted a progress pic of herself ‘’earlier than’’ her exercise journey, first off her ‘’after’’ is all photoshopped, simply zoom into her thump that’s chunky and bizarre trying and swaying towards her waist from making an attempt to slime her waist down LOL second of all, she thinks her earlier than is one thing ‘’to not be pleased with’’ main younger girls to suppose that trying like that isn’t a GOOD factor and making women suppose that’s her being ‘’imperfect’’ like I stated Go comply with the opposite girls on IG and go take a look at what actual confidence appears like. Serena is SCREAMING for consideration, photoshopping ur physique as a ‘’progress’’ pic cuz that’s regular proper? Possibly truly go exercise so your photoshop can take a relaxation LOL. Serenas Regular is be completely happy each single day, photoshopping her pics to match what society says is gorgeous whereas selling to like urself, she’s now into this entire store native prepare BUT she’s ordering and tagging a billion issues from large field shops like Vogue nova, gymnasium shark in all probability to simply Discover her (screaming for consideration) LOL. Her tales when she talks to ‘’encourage and encourage’’ shes at all times utilizing a face altering filter. Then she says she likes to mannequin all all over the world to ‘’present ppl how lovely the worlds is’’, yea serena that’s nice and all if ur half bare photoshopped physique wasn’t in all of them. btw, they make pages for ppl who wanna see the world, they’re known as paid photographers who journey and captor nature for a residing lol so thanks to your volunteer work however you possibly can go forward and sit. LOL Serenas social media is a bunch of posts of her greatest self / greatest life kinda deal. 80% of younger teenagers utilizing social media pages like serenas impacted their shallowness in a damaging approach it has made them really feel extra self-conscious about their look and evaluating their way of life to serenas who at all times appears to be LOVING the Fvk out her life and touring all whereas shes supper filtered. is that what’s regular now? Bear in mind, serena pays for her followers, simply go take a look at the checklist of them are faux accounts in a row. serena lives in my associates complicated on the bottom ground dealing with our courtyard n shes been making an attempt to be instaSomone for six+ years now And we nonetheless can’t work out what the hell she does to help her way of life. she posts tales of getting 0 rating however IN WHAT? her coaching isn’t paying her shlt cuz if it was, she wouldn’t take a 6+ month break and name it a ‘’regroup’’ whereas she’s touring and occurring vacas…with what cash? you took a ‘’break’’ cuz you haven’t any shoppers however positive let’s filter that to LOL. all GOOD trainers labored all all through covid… Scottsdale is all about standing and serena shouldn’t be shy from wanting that, haven’t yall observed, she will’t ever make it on her personal..she wants ppl with followers to note her and provides her shout outs on there tales (aka a hand out) cuz she will’t get observed on her personal, by herself. BTW cease telling ur ‘’followers’’ that they should journey extra, most ppl have payments, an actual job, and tasks, however serena wouldn’t know something about that, if serena is occurring all these Vaca’s and not using a actual job and never addressing how she’s paying for her way of life, it provides ppl a possibility to lift their eyebrows and query her and draw up their very own tales about her because it appears like she NEVER talks about it.. She’s just about giving us a tour of how AWESOME her way of life is on-line and inspiring you to do the identical, but by no means exhibiting anybody how she does it?, if u need to be an insta-someone u need to share every part, why do you suppose ur not common and also you’ve been making an attempt SO HARD FOR YEARS and gotten nowhere. Cuz who needs to comply with somebody whos self-absorbed?. Change up your faux content material serena. Shes so pointless to comply with aside from she needs to indicate off ‘’wow is me and look how completely happy I’m and take a look at this sundown, look how motivated i’m WOW take a look at me within the sundown, Have a look at all these new locations I journey too meeee me me me ME’’ …. So lets discuss in regards to the elephant within the room, ur earnings.. is it onlyfans? Sugar daddy? Ur mother and father nonetheless pay ur payments? which one is it? Cuz these are the ONLY 3 choices. Serena has no actual occupation on her earnings taxes final yr (sure u can look that each one up totally free on-line).. anyhow, Every thing serena is doing is NOTHING {that a} billion different women aren’t doing on-line already. so we will reside with out ur store native, use paper straws, right here is me touring once more, and right here is my edited a$$ on this bikini with a novel beneath about peace, love and laughter posts LMFAO. Actually, what each man makes enjoyable of ..she’s a BASIC A$$ Scottsdale chick or in that matter its worse shes simply throughout Primary cuz each lady in America(who doesn’t have an occupation) does what she’s doing LOL..IF SERENA deleted her Instagram immediately, actually NOBODY would care, shes not doing any service that we’d like. So that ought to let you know serena the place you might be in life so far as your on-line presents-nothing. Like I stated I can name-drop a billion different women who’re doing what she is doing. We name them fundamentals LOL. WHAT WE FEED OURSELVES MATTER.. the unfiltered, unedited, “imperfect” YOU is BEAUTIFUL & PERFECT so don’t let ppl like serena inform you an identical however in a supper edited approach whereas preaching. She’s not regular.. She solely does and says issues to achieve fam and standing. Follow what u preach serena and perhaps you then’ll acquire some actual followers and respect. she’s everywhere. additionally on a podcast she stated and I Quote ‘’you possibly can’t put a value on confidence’’-serena , So the place do I begin ? hmm how a lot did ur followers price you? How about photoshop? And the way a lot did you place a value on ur confidence on ONLYFANS? And How a lot was ur boob job that now has an enormous price ticket hanging out of your chest? LOL. if u wanna photoshop ur physique go for it, however don’t write a complete novel about love urself, UR sending the WRONG message to younger girls about what self-love, confidence and arduous work SHOULD seem like. JUST SAY YOU ARE INSECURE ABOUT UR BOOBS, LIFE, BUTT, WASIT and perhaps we’ll depart you alone, cuz then that will make extra sense and flow of what ur placing out on ur platform. Serrena doesn’t work arduous AT ALL. We don’t even know what she does by the appears of it shes having an excellent outdated time touring n when shes not doing that you’ll find her in outdated city.. so how is that onerous work? she posts tales about being on her laptop computer in a espresso store, is that alleged to be what shes contemplating arduous work? what r u even doing HAHA. she posted as soon as for ppl to vote for her being some AZ girls arduous working entrepreneur factor LOL how embarrassing for AZ if THIS lady is what arduous work and entrepreneurship appears like. Rattling. What a slap within the face to girls on the market who work 2-3 jobs or single mothers, and even guys/women making an attempt to get by means of college and dealing, only a slap within the face. Step apart women, serena is taking the bell for this one. LOL. Shifting on She additionally posts on her story screenshots of her followers/ followers who dm or textual content her complimenting her however there’s by no means a reputation, tag or pic of this particular person, she wont EVER put up who it got here from. However But some oldman from India DM’S her about desirous to Fvk her, she posted that no downside along with his web page and identify for everybody to see., level is when its enhances about her there’s by no means a reputation or tag of that particular person making it 1000000% FAKE, its more than likely herself writing to herself identical to her most up-to-date Q&A shes the one asking herself questions LOL. NOBODY CARES LIKE WHAT ARE YOU DOING DIFFERENT? NOTHINGGGGGGGGG this isn’t a jealousy put up, we simply get pleasure from all her dumb content material its actually leisure for lots of us. Its like watching The Jersey Shore n being entertained by all of the dumbness they do cuz its one thing you’ll NEVER do however you continued to look at it. If anybody is the bully its serena along with her faux on-line self. Bye. Btw try her put up in some outside SD gymnasium doing handstands take a look at the wights and bar within the background round her ‘’a$$’’ space. Hmmmmm didn’t know weights and bars can curve that approach LOL.

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