Shannon Austin — Narcissistic Psycho B1tch / Looney Owner Of Yoga Fever In Grand Rapids MI

Shannon Austin

Shannon Austin — Narcissistic Psycho B1tch / Looney Owner Of Yoga Fever In Grand Rapids, MI. This sick rode arduous b1tch is really the definition of a wolf in sheep’s clothes. She is NO ONE you have to be following on the trail in direction of real mindfulness and self enlightenment. I had the displeasure of understanding her over 30 years and let me inform you, she hasn’t modified a wink since highschool. The one distinction is she’s had like twelve abortions since then. That’s in all probability why she’s pushing 50 and can depart behind no lasting legacy within the type of youngsters. However understanding this moronic bully, she in all probability thinks being a canine mother and proudly owning a yoga studio that was financed by her wealthy and equally looney household is legacy sufficient. Let’s speak about how Shannon treats her household and pals. Or fairly, the incessant bullsh1t she places them by means of till they both die, draw boundaries or run far-off from her looney a55 (ah, the plight of the perpetually single hag who can’t hold a person). I don’t have sufficient time to sort up an essay on her so as a substitute listed below are a few of her biggest hits * Bullied and emotionally abused her sister in cooperation with their narcissistic mom (she bought it from somebody!) and was one of many many enablers who led to her dying younger from alcoholism, a lifelong battle that began when she was only a youngster rising up on this hellish household. She then milked her dying for all it was value and purposely alienated her sister’s grownup youngsters, who she knew would expose her conduct in direction of their mom and make her look unhealthy. * Stalks all her ex-boyfriends, going so far as driving by their homes in the midst of the evening and creating catfish profiles to mess with them. * Was pity employed by her vastly extra proficient and educated brother for a place at his firm that she wasn’t in any respect certified for and was such an issue for him that he made her learn a e-book on correcting her persona flaws & report again to him with an essay. * Queen of gaslighting. Spent years making an attempt to get her sister’s youngsters to show their again on their mom. * Was doing all the above and a lot extra toxicity on the identical time she was discovering yoga and claiming to be this enlightened, peaceable, drama free being. * Is so phoney, faux deep and uninformed that she went to a so-called medium along with her looney, masculine trying, cosmetic surgery obsessed mom (dying will quickly turn out to be her, fortunately—this lady deserves a submit all of her personal) after her sister died to attempt to “talk” along with her…by no means thoughts the truth that her sister was a commit Christian and everybody is aware of mediums are both faux or speaking with demons posing because the useless. To turn out to be Shannon’s “buddy” is to shackle your self to the loopy prepare. Ultimately, you’ll get run over. Keep away from in any respect prices.

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