Shannon Paul Dusty Washed Up Slore

Shannon Paul

Shannon Paul Dusty Washed Up Slore. This previous a55 granny b1tch going round seducing younger males, how are you NOT married but you fukin nasty canine a55 h0e, your so fukin ugly you solely get laid by drunk younger guys then get kicked to the curb when there completed along with your nasty straightforward a55, your so fukin gross discover a dude in your personal age vary, your so fukin straightforward your a door knob anybody can get a flip, lay off the pipe you cooked b1tch pondering your some sizzling shot solely sizzling shot you suppose you bought are the one sizzling photographs your hitting with the needle and pipe, watch what occurs to fukin h0e a55 b1tches at all times tryna come round the place your not needed you fukin weirded out previous bag pondering everybody’s so jealous of you, suppose once more you dusty crusty previous b1tch

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