Shannon Richards Hali Slore

Shannon Richards

Shannon Richards Hali Slore.This shocked ghetto a55 no one goes on pof all day tricking herself out, she only recently had one other little one who doesn’t have a father as a result of this SLORE! sleeps round (she dont know who the daddy is to any of her spawns), does tablets, snorts powder and dont care, she dont even have her oldest little one as a result of shes such a foul mom, who posts half bare pics of themselves on fb for consideration? Talks to each tom d1ck n harry who pays her the time of day!! And to make all of it worse the bitch moved to dartmouth! Lord assist us all! She thinks shes massive and unhealthy as a result of her mommy was married to a drug vendor *woopi0e*. So the following time you need to say that every one 3 of your child daddies are deadbeats ensure you know who they’re skank!

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