Shawn Miller Serial Cheater

Shawn Miller

Shawn Miller Serial Cheater. Shawn miller an previous buddy. This fukin a55 will stab you in tha again sooner than you may blink. The fukin man is a serial manipulator. In sizzling water or feelin the warmth he modifies his social media tags. Isnt that proper milly, millz? Hell delete all, cover or go personal. Mommy and daddy at all times arise for his or her fukin sociopathic son. Shawn repeatedly cheats on Meag. I do know ive been with him. He plows by way of wpg slots like he’s at a fukin taco buffet. His gf stays round trigger 1 take a look at him😍 and a pair of she believes his money will purchase her every part she ever needed! Takes her to PV simply to provide the fukin DRDs. Girls be weary dont go for the miller meat simply bc he tells you it fuking Miller time!

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