Shayla Babiuk Train Wreck Mom

Shayla Babiuk

Shayla Babiuk Train Wreck Mom. Keep away from this h0e if you happen to don’t wish to lose your sanity. Shayla babiuk, the most important sl0re in all of Edmonton. I dated this chick for a 12 months, moved in together with her and supported her and her 2 youngsters. She performs the sufferer card to anybody she will about how her child daddy left her ans doesn’t see his youngsters. The truth is she withholds his youngsters as a result of she hates his girlfriend who she non cease stalked, harassed and talked a few 12 months and a half after her and him broke up. She went so far as social media stalking his girlfriend to a bar, and displaying as much as bodily assault her whereas recording the entire thing. She cried to anybody who listens about how horrible they’re, how they “get together” once they each work full time, when actually she had her youngsters dwelling with me and three earlier guys earlier than me. She informed her youngsters to name me dad and informed them their father wasn’t their actual dad. She sits on her ass all day stalking them on social media, whereas in the identical sentence cry’s about how she doesn’t have cash to assist her youngsters. Shayla would rip on her child daddy’s girlfriend for consuming typically and for partying when she was youthful and single in the meantime she would go away her 2 youngsters below 4 at house with whoever she may discover to observe them to go get drunk and be a slore together with her pals. She thinks she’s essentially the most attractive, sizzling individual on the market with a golden uterus when in actuality she’s used up, over weight and her pu55y is to free to even get off, I’d have to complete myself off half the time. So once more males of Edmonton, if you wish to keep sane, maintain your wallets full and never be topic to emotional abuse and manipulation, keep far-off from Shayla babiuk and her two youngsters.

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