Shelby Barrett Nasty Horrible Mother

Shelby Barrett

Shelby Barrett Nasty Horrible Mother. This so referred to as “girl” proper here’s a Manipulating , lieing , controlling , Narstatistic, two confronted dishonest sloottt who thinks it’s okay to have random males at her place , use individuals then toss them away and on to the subsequent. This so referred to as girl lies to get what she desires. Shelby doesn’t deal with her children she kilos them off to everybody else. Shelby doesn’t let the daddy Jayy James see his 3 children she holds them above his head. He loves his children, help his children would do something for his children! Sure Jayy is tr@nsgender however DNA don’t make a mother or father love does. Shelby bashs tr@nsgenders. Shelby is rather like her mom Tracy nasty and no good for anybody! Don’t belief a phrase from this “girl” mouth! additionally becareful she don’t bathe , she smells down stairs and doesn’t get checked out. nobody desires DRDs! Beware

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