Silas Capers Major Red Flag in SC

Silas Capers

Silas Capers Major Red Flag in SC. IN MY OPINION Have no clue what his actual real name is. He sounds like a walking red flag to me, he’s dating my cousin they have been together a year since last April. He seems real suspicious and now she’s starting to finally have doubts so we’re trying to figure out proof that he’s a con.

So my cousin is not the brightest bulb in the factory but here’s the story.

His name is apparently Ethan or so he’s told her but he recently changed his social media to Silas. He’s apparently 28, has a younger brother Gabriel and a sister not sure of her name.

He has told my cousin that he pays for the apartment he’s staying in in Summerville SC but apparently his handicapped cousin and his grandmother live with him as well but in his words he pays for the place. My cousin has never met any of his supposed family in person other than the handicapped cousin who apparently isn’t capable of talking to her directly. Now again he apparently pays for this apartment he’s living in but for a whole year now he has had to sneak my cousin in at night to the apartment and out at early morning everytime they want to hang out there and he claims it’s cous of the grandma and he doesn’t want to hear her nag.

He also has a whole 1 year old son named Roman but my cousin has never met the baby either because of this (probably made up) grandma that she hasn’t met yet because he claims she needs to meet the grandma to get approval to meet “his” baby that he apparently has full custody of

To top it off he claims he’s working at MUSC as IT Tech but I looked at the employee directory and his name and photo is no where to be found

Before that he was apparently working for his dad (who she’s never met) his dad apparently owns a real estate company Codwell Enterprises but when I googled that it doesn’t even exist anywhere.

Then he also claims to be making all of this money but my cousin is always paying for the dates. AND he claims to have a house over in Walerboro that he claims he can’t move into yet cous he’s waiting on money for a U haul, and she’s never seen this imaginary house and he claims to own a Tesla that’s parked at the imaginary house BUT he claims he cant drive it cous he’s black and he’s apparently been pulled over so many times for being black in a Tesla and he doesn’t want all of the neighbors apartment kids to “touch” his Tesla that my cousin has never seen so that’s why he drives a beat down dinger that has broken down and my cousins dad literally has fixed for him so many time.

Then you’ve got the issue of they’ve been together a year but now he’s claiming he’s got another maybe baby that was just born a week ago that he don’t know if it’s his or not. She ain’t never met this baby either and she doesn’t know anything about the baby mamas at all. But if the baby was born a week ago and they been together a year then that sells that he’s cheating but at the same time he told her he’s gonna get a DNA test done but I’m waiting on him to lie about this too.

Oh and everytime she’s ever tried to meet anyone from his family there’s always some excuse as to why it can’t happen.

Help me catch this dudes con.

We’re looking at Summerville Goose Creek Walerboro North Charleston SC Areas for this dude

Possible alias Silas or Ethan Capers

And the only reason I’m posting the full name is because I’m 100% convinced that those aren’t even his REAL names

He claims he’s 28

Possible birthday December 22

But ain’t even sure of that either.

Help me get her away from this IN MY OPINION walking talking red flag

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