Tasha Emery Low Life

Tasha Emery

Tasha Emery Low Life. this woman must cease promoting her disgusting life-style to anybody who will purchase her meth and crack messing up households. Can somebody please inform her boyfriend she was dishonest on him whereas he was doing time. Little sloth must be taught a lesson or two. Tom tells everybody he was along with her behind her mans again. Go be a mother for as soon as and get some make it easier to look 20 years your individual age ya washed up dwelling wrecking loser. You speak smack about your man behind his again to his buddies on the lookout for consideration possibly that’s your solely mind-set your mans pals need you. You might be no prize! You repulse anybody who talks to you settle for one other meth head, Cease promoting crack and meth and see what number of precise pals you’ve.

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