Thirsty Control Freak Psychopath Racheal Kohlman

Racheal Kohlman

Thirsty, Control Freak Psychopath Racheal Kohlman. Look out boys. This right here is Racheal Kohlman. If the ghetto eyebrows and fish lips don’t scare you away,this may. She thinks she’s above everybody. She is going to decide you and put you right down to no finish. But the very fact she’s in her late 30’s with two youngsters,by two completely different fathers,and by no means been married is meant to be ignored. She claims she’s single as a result of she is choosy. When you’ve got seen the douche bag losers she finally ends up with you’d disagree. Her judgment is terrible. She’s a backside feeder however will play it as she will be able to have whoever she desires. Shes nonetheless single for a purpose. Keep away boys. She’s gross throughout and isn’t even scorching.

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