Tommy Kurk – The Big Sissy

Tommy Kurk

Tommy Kurk – The Big Sissy. This man is a tough up thirsty a55 sissy who goes on floozy websites to fulfill women after which he falls in love with them and the he sits at residence crying and doing medicine whereas his new floozy girlfriend is out working after which he will get so excessive and jealous that he begins driving round in his girlfriends rental automobile and he throws rocks via peoples windshields and that’s how a lot of a sissy coward this man is. He even went to jail for 3 years for placing a pipe bomb in his ex-girlfriends automobile and that’s a real scumbag for you. His hygiene is so unhealthy that he makes his girlfriend whose half his age DRDs and boils from his a55 as a result of he doesn’t prefer to bathe. Keep away from this creep if you recognize what’s good for you.

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