Travis Olson — PG’s Biggest Misogynist And Laziest Loser

Travis Olson

Travis Olson — PG’s Biggest Misogynist And Laziest Loser. Travis thinks any girl he has a factor for owes him consideration or else she’s a slore. He loooves calling girls sl*ts and different crap like that when he isn’t the one getting his d1ck moist. He’s judgemental loser who has executed actually nothing together with his life. He thinks he deserves the very best jobs and the most well liked girls when he isn’t prepared to even get off his a55 and get an actual job. He’s the epitome of an entitled man child who expects every little thing however places in nothing. Keep away women as a result of he has no respect for ladies irrespective of how arduous he pretends he does.

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