Tye Stevenson Ally Billingham Sh1t Stains On The Underwear Of Life

Tye Stevenson

Tye Stevenson Ally Billingham Sh1t Stains On The Underwear Of Life. LADIES – keep away from TYE the ALPHA DOG Stevenson (extra like TYE the CEO of the micro d1ck group) and his insanely gross cottage cheese @ss ditch pig of a gf ALLYSON BILLINGHAM!!! The man can’t put 2&2 collectively or pay for his personal means in life however one way or the other manages to cheat, lie, and manipulate his means into ladies’s mattress, luring them below false pretences of wonderful d1ck. He has no clue what he’s doing in terms of s3x, except the objective is to claw the uterus out of a lady’s physique. You’ll be left feeling very alarmed and extremely confused as to what simply occurred bc u r now searching for ur insides on the ground after he tries to finger bang u bc his d1ck is unnaturally small AND all of it occurs in below 30sec! Can anybody say PREMATURE EJACULATION???? Don’t even consider sitting in it women, can’t experience a shrimp d1ck it simply falls out and also you’ll be left making an attempt to comprise your laughter and disgust!! He makes his child momma out to be some nasty woman who can’t maintain his twins, in the meantime the final time he seen them was 1.5 yrs in the past bc he’s incapable of being a father, BUT WAIT!! Now he’s gonnna “father” one other baby!!! Jokes trigger he couldn’t be a father to his different youngsters. He’s soiled, smells like ft and Fritos & can’t maintain a job to avoid wasting his personal life, not to mention pay for his personal means. He has to depend on another person to purchase him issues & assist his dump truck dimension of an @ss. The man wears the identical 4 objects of clothes and has the audacity to assume he’s gods reward to ladies in the meantime the one factor you find yourself with is PTSD. He’s on a number of courting platforms and cheats on his psycho overweight cottage cheese havin @ss of a gf continuously. The one factor that man “loves” is playin the sufferer to the drama he creates. Avoid this one girls!!! You’ll solely find yourself confused s3xually dissatisfied and with a drained checking account

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