Vahid Eghtesad UN Wanna Be Gangsters Get Busted

Vahid Eghtesad

Vahid Eghtesad UN Wanna Be Gangsters Get Busted. Vahid Eghtesad and his brother Amir Eghtesad have been busted with $800,000 money now the federal government is coming after all the pieces they received even their dad and mom residence. These wanna be gangsters the place by no means excepted solely to develop into looser UN members. Amir did time for attempting to kill the Bacon brothers, he received busted utilizing his personal cellphone to rearrange hits on the Bacons. Vahid received busted with a lot of the money, he too was utilizing his personal cell phone to rearrange drug offers ;the cops have as proof. They received robbed badly by the cops that Amir’s petty two thousand greenback bundle was additionally taken in as proceeds of crime. Not solely are they silly criminals that dont get burner telephones, however they simply received retired early into their gangster couriers. Karma is a b1tch, thats as a result of Amir is beneath heavy surveillance for the homicide of Milad Nournia again in 2011. Everyone knows its finest for these goofs to go away city, or simply give blow jobs in jail.

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