Veda Baker — Watch Out For Veda Baker Kelowna’s Homewrecker Slore

Veda Baker

Veda Baker — Watch Out For Veda Baker Kelowna’s Homewrecker Slore. Hey Nik. That is Veda Baker from Kelowna BC. She is a foul drug addict, thieving methhead, drd drunk. She misplaced her organic son due to being such a foul mom. She doesn’t care about destroying anybody else’s household or kids’s lives. She makes use of her physique and sweetness to lure single and married males to lust over her so she will get no matter she desires out of them. Not caring about how her behaviors may harm one other individual’s or household life. She pretends she cares and says she understands folks. So males lust over her and so they quit on their tasks, wives and/or kids below her sick seducing methods. Sucks and fuks males for cash and medicines. She ruined her family on her personal as a result of all of the dangerous decisions she made. So she’s out to destroy different males’s household or lives. Veda is one sick b1tch!!! Preys on the weak like a succubus. It’s rattling sickening.  I hope karma offers you what you deserve!!! No marvel why your boyfriend beat you up. Nothing however a homewrecker drd slore!!!

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