Abigail Carpenter — Meth Junkie From Hell

Abigail Carpenter

Abigail Carpenter — Meth Junkie From Hell. I don’t know how this factor appears to suppose she’s Penticton’s hottest sh1t? She’s a thieving loser for starters, drugged out on Meth for seconds, and third is simply total a disgusting pig. Abigail won’t ever get her sh1t collectively. Rides round city along with her beehive hairdo on a stolen BMX bike, hitting up shops junked out and steals. Confrontational to the purpose she’s psycho as fuk. Ms Junkie has zero precise mates in Penticton. Rides sloppy d1ck to get her subsequent repair. She’s used and abused trigger she’s that determined to get excessive, she doesn’t care she’s caught within the alley approach on digicam getting banged by the dumpster on Dynes, caught the nasty hero. Everybody in Penticton is aware of this gross pig, everybody. She’s recognized most for that beehive methed junkie loser she is. Have some self respect beehive. Beehive slores such as you deserve nothing. You’ll by no means quantity to nothing both besides suking on the pipe each night time. Fuking loser.

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