Brendon Lagace Manipulated Narrsasist Piece Of Sh1t

Brendon Lagace

Brendon Lagace Manipulated Narrsasist Piece Of Sh1t. This man proper here’s a controlling mendacity piece of sh1t thinks he’s higher then everybody else that he’s on high and should you don’t take heed to him or do what he says he’ll threaten you and your loved ones or get bodily and emotionally abusive Talks to you want your nothing however simply one other H0e will get connected to simply will let you know they love you however go behind your again and hit up exs telling them he loves them and can sext them when he’s relationship another person however whenever you confront him he’ll deny deny deny and make it seem to be your delusional or retarded Additionally a nasty tented to reside with will yell within the the landlords face beat folks with chairs take no accountability for his actions So principally he’s a low life sh1t speaking clown piece of sh1t he’s rubbish holds sh1t over peoples heads alcoholic H3roin Junkie GOOF

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