Dylan Feris The Ripoff King

Dylan Feris

Dylan Feris The Ripoff King. Roofers in calgary beware, this peice of sh1t will rip you off 1000’s of {dollars} to be able to lavish good issues on himself resembling dirtbikes and ps5’s. He borrows fuel cash and cigarettes from his workers, who he provides 30 {dollars} an hour however can by no means pay anybody on time, If ever. On high of that he ritually abuses feminine takeout workers to be able to get out of paying for lunch (one other a part of his seemingly elaborate ponzi scheme). He attacked his boss with a bong and known as the cops on the identical boss after he acquired crosschecked by a garden signal. That’s a pleasant dirtbike dylan, I’m wondering how many individuals paid for it with their cheque?

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