Cameron Lherault — Broke Drd Hairy Goof

Cameron Lherault

Cameron Lherault — Broke Drd Hairy Goof. There’s actually an entire Fb devoted to him He’s broke residing on a mattress in his mothers home He had the drd once I first met him and claimed he didn’t know he had it Will get mad when he doesn’t get smokes or weed from his mother and can black out and punch holes within the wall A 20 yr outdated man and he doesn’t have something going for himself. All the garments he has is due to my household they usually have been sick of seeing him in the identical soiled outfit. I’ve been to his home for days straight and by no means seen him wash the 2 pairs of gitch he owns 🤮 He makes you drive him in all places and in the event you refuse to do it he’ll kick your automobile and swerve your wheel and yell till you do it. He’ll eat you out of home and residential and go away with out paying lease or shopping for groceries He’s the most important bvm I’ve ever met he’s a no one who thinks he’s any person as a result of he shot somebody when he was just a little boy and thinks he’s stable due to it His hygiene is horrible and he by no means EVER shaves and all the time smells bitter So to the subsequent lady you’ll be able to thank me if I didn’t purchase him deodorant or cologne you’d’ve delt with the identical sh1t I did lmao.

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