Anansa Harrison — Home Wrecker Spreading Drds

Anansa Harrison

Anansa Harrison — Home Wrecker Spreading Drds. She is a cash hungry slore. She fuks something that can give her medicine. She is married to a cwb in jail however fuking is dope sellinh buddy. He sells meth ! She is an enormous ol mesh head😂 i attempted to be good and inform her he has drd and drd. He gave me drd after we dated 2 years. He’s spearing it like a wild hearth additionally she is. She is going to do no matter it’s she has to do to get medicine. She is a pis mother like he’s. Additionally she is a floozy for Chad and her man in jail. Its sickening !! Bc should be warned about her. As soon as he runs out he’ll leap onto the following identical to her. She is personal throughout cincinnati ohio. Harrison and ky.

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