Cindy Mcginnis Aka (Cindy-Skinwalker)

Cindy Mcginnis

Cindy Mcginnis Aka (Cindy-Skinwalker). This can be a (Cindy-skinwalker) this creature was lastly caught in her pure habitat trying like a ghoulish skinwalker. They’ve lengthy arms! Lengthy legs! Boney AF!! They actually have a big nostril for snorting up all sort of medication and have creepy beady eyes. Similar to within the photos above! In addition they prefer to be tremendous Yappi like a small pomeranian, like they’ll’t cease speaking shit about everybody thats a (pal, shut pal, new buddies, individuals this skinwalker doesn’t even know.) They prefer to cry loads, however that’s to allow them to make everybody really feel dangerous for them! They even prefer to borrow cash for there habbit and by no means pay again, additionally they like to govern any lady or dude after they get the possibility to! So BEWARE PEOPLE!! of the (Cindy-skinwalker) they’re arduous to do away with as soon as they discover they’ll benefit from you and use you, typically they gained’t cease lurking your shit attempting to nonetheless discover away to maintain manipulating, so watch out round this depressing creature individuals, don’t let it convey you down or use you.

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