Sarah Lynn

Sarah Lynn — DIRTY FLOOZY SARAH LYNN. This large brow trying alien factor is Sarah Lynn. She works at Underdogs and always talks about ALL her coworkers behind their backs. Little does she understand I’m buddies with certainly one of them. She makes feedback akin to, ”they’re so determined for cash and suggestions they’d floozy themselves for 40 bucks. Reeeeallly? Everyone knows YOU actually hook on the facet and but inform everyone it’s previously. LOL. You had been caught redhanded posting on varied websites promoting your ugly teenage boy formed physique on the facet. If you had been confronted about it you claimed anyone stole your pictures and made a pretend advert. Don’t insult our intelligence you ugly easy clown. You had your quantity on there and we referred to as it pretending to be a john and have your voice speaking charges and stuff. You’re SO pathetic and faux. We ALL see proper by means of you. You’re nothing however trash…your complete household is TRASH and the bizarre fairy trying man on this pic and his awkward facial features says all of it and the way he barely desires to the touch you trigger you’re stuffed with DRDS! You nothing however trash and all the time can be. You may faux all you need however we all know what you might be. An affordable disgusting floozy. lol. The scary factor about this 2 confronted drd infested alien brow floozy is that she truly appears to consider her personal lies or that others consider her farfetched lame lies. lol keep stylish you clown.

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