Claire Murray — Cheater Con Artist Liar

Claire Murray

Claire Murray — Cheater, Con Artist, Liar. Seems candy and harmless, she is going to rope you in and have you ever imagine she is after a relationship. I first dated this woman on-line through the pandemic. She “helped” me by way of some weak instances simply to show round and use them in opposition to me after I stopped sending her cash. Later I discovered that she was nonetheless married although she instructed me she was dwelling individually from her ex husband. After I tried to interrupt it off she turned a manipulative backstabbing gunt who stole from me which I ought to have seen coming as she is at all times bragging about ripping off her enterprise suppliers and hair purchasers. She additionally confessed she has had quite a few affairs with different married males. Don’t fall for her sh1t and her candy act, she’s by no means what she appears and performs the sufferer if anybody confronts her.

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