Hailey Goudreau — Chatham Kent Slore

Hailey Goudreau

Hailey Goudreau — Chatham Kent Slore. Lady disguise your males, that is Hailey “hgoodz” Goudreau. Ctowns largest DRD infested slore. This h0e will fuk anybody with a d1ck, hell even a fuking v@gina at this level, she finds males on web sites provides then to snapchat then sends nudes and sexual photographs. Hey Corey you positive the infant is yours??? This woman is even sleeping with dudes from work.. Matt and Mike, the infant one in all yours. Fairly unhappy this woman bought fired type her job for stealing then beginning drama with different ladies. I’m telling ya ladies for those who discover out your man is speaking to this woman shut it down fast in any other case she’ll attempt to fuk you over in the long run. Hailey has two DRDs that I do know of solely cuz my ex slept together with her and I caught it. She retains medication in her residence the place her youngster may simply get, she switches nights with guys on who can come over. Is it Matt, is it Mike, is it Jake, is it my ex, who tf is aware of. I’m warning ya ladies preserve this soiled slore away out of your males. Hey Hailey why don’t you come clean with who the true father of your child is!!! This h0e even went so far as telling the fellows she’s messing with she wasn’t together with her so referred to as child daddy Corey so she may get what she desires. Look her up for those who simply desire a piece or a very good time. God rattling this woman even left her child crying in he room to fuk a man on the sofa. Hey Hailey as a substitute of being a pu55y who don’t you go get examined as a result of guess what I’ve been with one man in 6 years and he confirmed me each message, do you save your on snap as properly or simply him.

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