Hailey Goudreau — Lying Cheating Slore

Hailey Goudreau

Hailey Goudreau — Lying Cheating Slore. Let me inform u bout this woman she’s Chatham greatest lyin cheatin slore sleepin wit ppl from her job not simply da one she been caught wit however one other dude her “child daddy” or so he thinks takes da fault as a sh1t dad or mum so she will go away work to exit n suk d1ck, did gurl is full or DRD, has a lot medication in her home when her child is a yr previous. Has guys come to her dwelling n leaves her child alone to fuk n smoke up. This b1tch will fuk u over when caught sending u nudes n sh1t, her associates all kno however cowl for her cuz they r simply as dangerous. This b1tch wants a DNA check on her child is it Mike, Matt, or Corey….time will inform. Dis gurl is a mother n previous enuff to kno higher however postin sh1t on FB bout ppl n inflicting a lot drama, watch ur males girls she may come after urs. This b1tch is out cryin bout she don’t have cash, properly possibly if u weren’t out drinkin, partyin, doin medication, n leavin ur child then u wouldn’t be stealin from ur personal job. Look her up males she goes by HGOODZ on the insta, snap, slide in her DMs hey u get sum nudes.

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