Kate Ellis — Psycho B1tch

Kate Ellis

Kate Ellis — Psycho B1tch. Wellll… it’s a giant shock that this slore hasn’t been posted, she fuks  and suks black males however is racist towards black ladies. She makes use of her kids as pawn particularly her youngest son… she likes to play with fireplace soo you would possibly as effectively get burnt b1tch. You’re a shame too all white ladies, you’re the definition of jealous and ignorance. You play sufferer on a regular basis, and the unhappy factor is your final child daddy is 31 and your what 45 LOL. You play video games like a toddler; and nonetheless haven’t grown up. Don’t act harmless like your mom of 12 months or individuals don’t know you. You decide on individuals who you understand received’t hurt your a55 again. Effectively right here’s your on the spot karma, your on their own whereas he moved onto one thing higher LOL what a tragic life you will need to dwell understanding you couldn’t hold or deal with a person correctly as a result of your loopy & psycho. You are feeling as when you OWN males. You went and received a surgical procedure understanding you weren’t suppose to have youngsters after and put your sons life in jeopardy: what a loser. You seemed higher fats trigger now you appear like a loopy crack head. 😂😂😂 what you reap is what you sew. OHHHHH PS. DIDNT YOUR YOUNGEST BD HELP YOU RAISE YOUR OTHER KIDS, learn to respect an actual man. B1tches such as you give moms a foul identify, ohhh I forgot your not an actual mom in any respect: in all probability have your oldest elevate your son 😂😂. GO SLEEP WITH MORE MARRIED MEN B1TCH, FLOOZY THAT PU55Y.

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