KICE MAROOF The Narcissist Fraudster


KICE MAROOF The Narcissist Fraudster. Hello Nick the place do I start? this man is the largest Fraudster within the GTA!! He’s been lacking for the previous 5 months however he owes me and all my associates cash ! He used to beg for like $50-100 from me on a regular basis and regarded me his “BOY” and he to take random individuals to on line casino to make use of their cash and by no means pay them again sadly I used to be one of many individuals that he did screwed over ! . NIK he has a serious playing downside together with his big nostrils he thinks that each man is jealous of him LOL! Or in his delusional hearts let me guess he’s gonna say right here of haters hahahah hate on what precisely your broke a55 ??? He has a nostril job and now he thinks he’s the sh1t. And that’s solely as a result of he bought his ass handed to him in a combat he couldn’t combat . Kice MAROOF wherever you might be you may’t conceal ceaselessly individuals are going to return after you for being a fraudster and utilizing everybody for cash . He hangout with no else however Maihan his finest buddy the place they gang bang women collectively . He used the sh1t out of his ex’s and used to stunt with their and vehicles hahah loser ! If anybody else been uncovered to this tragic mofo please remark what he did to you . No kice ur not a hustler and you’ll’t HIDE FOREVER ultimately your fact will come out! you mendacity manipulative sack of sh1t! If I get sufficient individuals who claims they bought fraud kice MAROOF I might have the ability to make a case on him ! He deserves to rot in jail together with his soiled mouth and abusive behaviour . I’m positively not a hater as a result of if I knew the place he lived precisely I might deal with this man to man myself .

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