Regina’s Loose Cannon Ashley Gordon

Regina’s Loose

Regina’s Loose Cannon Ashley Gordon. This disgusting black b**** enjoys sleeping round with different girls’s males. She is going to know that they’re in a relationship and nonetheless sleep with him regardless. Be careful women in Regina, verify your FB buddies listing, if she is in your man’s FB listing, if she didn’t already, she is prepared to surrender her massive black spoon to your man, with no condoms both. She’s a typical Regina hood rat wh*** and is determined to get laid. She’s prepared to threat all of it and catch an DRD, she most likely already has one in any case. I hate to warn you women about this flat bannock a55 unfastened cannon, she doesn’t appear to be a type of fairly a55 chicks that may snatch one other lady’s man away, however as talked about earlier, she is determined to get laid by anybody. Even when he has a girl. All you need to do is purchase her a espresso, and increase that’s the important thing to getting between her black legs. I hope she loved my woman’s man….sloot.

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