Michelle Mayo Narcissistic Manipulative Cheating Fraudulant CVNT..

Michelle Mayo

Michelle Mayo Narcissistic, Manipulative Cheating, Fraudulant CVNT.. This girl is the cream of the diseased crop. She is not more than an chubby cvm bucket, that’s uneducated, and can by no means quantity to something however as a whole failure and disappointment In life. She cheats on her husband, brings strangers dwelling and fuks them whereas her youngsters are in the home, she lies, and steals. Deserted her youngsters for two years. Then decides to return again b1tching about how they’re “her” youngsters. Refuses to pay her money owed, tells the children that dad must promote the home, and he ought to give her the truck, trailer and pension. Which he nonetheless pays for, however cant use as she took it, and wont share it as equal property. She claimes welfare, and signifies that the children lived together with her. After they have all the time lived with their dad…FRAUD. she claims her ex is making an attempt to take the children from her, which isnt true. She has bodily abused her ex, and has emotionally abused the children. The youngsters are fearful of her as she calls them “little a55holes”, yells at them, and says horrible issues about their dad. This girl doesnt love her youngsters, she needs cash for them, as soon as she will get it, she is going to fuk off like all the time. Watch out she stalks individuals, after which threatens them and their households to get her manner. Greatest loser I’ve ever met.

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