Watch Out For Dirtbag Colombian DJ Andres Cortes OWNSIDE

Andres Cortes

Watch Out For Dirtbag Colombian DJ Andres Cortes OWNSIDE. That is Andres Cortes aka OWNSIDE – hes a DJ and producer from Colombia and a complete mendacity, violent, narcissistic grime bag. He has a police file from violence and theft towards his former girlfriend of two years. He’ll inform ladies what they need to hear simply to sleep with them, whereas hes in a relationship. He’s probably bi-polar or schizophrenic, and can deceive get what he desires. He’s a gross broke loser with a grimy condominium and a couple of pairs of sneakers. He’s solely good for d1ck and he is aware of it. Thats why he’s continually on the hunt for ladies able to open their legs to him. Beware. He might even ask you to marry him so he can get a PR. Don’t do it.

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