Zarifa Ali — Mother Of RAT Ibrahim (IB) Ali

Zarifa Ali

Zarifa Ali — Mother Of RAT Ibrahim (IB) Ali. That is Zarifa Ali the Muslim rat sloot of Vancouver, BURNABY AND NEW WESTMINSTER. She is a thief and a con. She is a welfare fraudster and a legal. Hey daughter Sebiha is an floozy on h3roin and her son Ruder is a drug addict and drug supplier and IB Ibrahim Ali her different son was within the UN gang till he ratted out somebody on a homicide so as to get much less time in jail for killing an harmless younger lady leaving her on the facet of the street to die. He went to jail for house invasions and was in computer as a result of he’s a rat and Zarifa is just not harmless. She’s in on each little bit of drug dealing and theft and she’s going to befriend you after which set you up. Your entire household is welfare case poor theifs and they’re all in on the crime collectively.

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